Adding a Pin

Adding a new pin to the Sagittarius A* IPFS Cluster.


The Pin Add Request, a POST request to the /ipfs/pin/add endpoint, is an IPFS Pin Orchestration request used to create a new pin for the provided CID on the Sagittarius A* IPFS Cluster. Because multiple requestors may attempt to pin the same CID, a request ID system is utilized to differentiate between these different requests, where the x-api-key from the request header is used as a unique identifier. This allows for multiple requestors to pin the same CID without any conflict.

Request Spec
      summary: Pin an IPFS CID.
        - in: path
          name: cid
          required: true
          description: An IPFS Content Identifier (CID).
            type: string

Sending the Request

Sending a request to the /ipfs/pin/add endpoint requires a valid API Key to be provided in the x-api-key header, and that an IPFS CID be provided.

Pin Add Request
curl -X POST -H "x-api-key: Your-API-Key" 

When a Pin Add Request completes successfully, the returned output will contain a success message for confirmation, along with information about the newly created pin.

Pin Add Output
    "message": "Pin added successfully",
    "result": {
        "cid": "CID",
        "type": "pin",
        "timestamp": "TIMESTAMP"
    "apiKey": "Your-API-Key"

In the case where a pin already exists for the given apiKey and cid pair, a new pin will not be created. Instead, a message will be returned alerting that a pin already exists.

Pin Add Output
    "message": "Pin already exists for this CID and API key"

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